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Volunteers Take to the Land, Sea and Office in 2022

Volunteers continue to be the lifeblood of NCLC, as the organization strives to care for several dozen conserved properties along the Oregon Coast. They show up to stewardship work parties throughout the year, as well as weekly Weed Warrior Wednesdays from late spring to early fall. However, you’ll also find our volunteers doing tasks around the office, stuffing envelopes for mailings, serving on committees, and taking on other roles that keep NCLC moving forward. In 2022, our volunteer base also expanded to include those valuable individuals helping with sea star surveys and serving as Tidepool Ambassadors at the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve. Learn about volunteering for NCLC.

Thank you to all of our 2022 volunteers.

April Abate

Emily Akdedian

Ernie Amacher

Robin Anderson

Betsy Ayres

Madison Bacon

Justin Bailie

Carrington Barrs

Jackie Beerger

Chris Bell

Angela Benton

Jim Benton

David Beugli

Landon Beugli

Linda Bjornstad

Rob Bjornstad

Marilynn Blacketer

Sue Blindheim

Dillon Bliss

KT Blue

Cilla Border

Jim Border

Scott Borg

Gene Borkan

Layton Borkan

Janice Braun

Jennifer Braun

Carl Bricker

Max Broderick

Kevin Brownlee

Michael Bunch

Lee Cain

Kathleen Callan

Valerie Campbell

Kevin Campion

Amy Carleton

Stacy Carleton

Jim Carlson

Alex Carney

Julian Carney

Luca Carney

Lisa Cerveny

Jennifer Childress

Carla Cole

Dave Cole

Cheryl Conway

Mary Beth Cottle

Will Cotton

Cameron Creek

Randy Curs

Jackson Dailey

Damien Davis

Hadassah Davis

Chelsea De Loughy

Charles Dice

John Dudley

Stephanie Dudley

Catherine Dunn

Pat Dunn

Bryan Dutton

Lynn Dwyer

Kelli Ennis

Jana Erdman

Frank Erickson

Patte Fenderson

Emerson Fisher

Joe Fisher

Linda Fisher

Diane Frye-Rohde

Terry Fullan

Jeff Gage

Sara Vickerman-Gage

Nadia Gardner

Tara Goble

Jerzy Golden

Libby Golden

Briana Goodwin

Oskar Gorans

Svea Gorans

Laura Gordon

Chip Greening

Sophie Guerin

Tom Guglielmo

Lisa Heigh

Madeline Hall

Lexie Hallahan

Eric Halperin

Bonnie Henderson

Jeanne Henderson

Randall Henderson

Josiah Hirsch

Nancy Holmes

Kirsten Horning

Tom Horning

Joyce Hunt

Ann Huntington

Vince Huntington

Bill Hutmacher

Landon Hutmacher

Ruth Hutmacher

Kawehi Inaba

Kilihea Inaba

Chelsea Ingle

Yvana Iovino

Jennifer Jay

Brian Jayred

Tricia Jayred

Pat Johns

Julianne Johnson

Maxine Johnson

Jesse Jones

Larry Jordan

Ed Joyce

Marianne Keddington-Lang

Kit Ketcham

Gus Kirby

Scott Kirby

Sharon Kloepfer 

Tom Kollasch

Bob Kroll

Nancy Kroll

Robin Lane

Celeste Lebo

Dick Ledgerwood

Rick Ledgerwood

Darin Lee

Ken Lehman

Pat Lehman

Tammi Lesh

Ron Logan

Neal Maine

Penny Martin

Vaughn Martin

Shannon Mayhew

Ben McCormack

Kim McCormack

Marty McCullough

Mary Kyle McCurdy

Michael Meek

Sally Meek

Kamuela Meheula

Ashley Mersereau

Deb Mersereau

John Mersereau

Colin Meston

Bebe Michel

Annelise Moore

Viviana Morales Kaizer

Bryce Moritz

Galen Moritz

Mickey Moritz

Serena Moritz

Michael Mottman

Les Neitzel

Aimee Nighswonger

Lorraine Ortiz

Holly Owen

Ruby Owen

Tom Owen

Michelle Patterson

Mike Patterson

Vianne Patterson

Jay Paulsen

Penny Paulsen

Cathy Peinhardt

Lisa Phipps

Bea Pickett

Mitra Rado

Bill Reed

Claudine Rehn

Scott Rekate

Carol Riley

Mike Riley

Jeff Roehm

Jerry Rohde

Lynne Ryan

Kathleen Sayce

Tessa Scheller

Grayce Seager

Tad Seder

David Sinclair

Dominic Smith

Judy Sorrel

Matt Stanley

Hope Stanton

Jason Stegner

Jim Stewart

Gary Sultany

Molly Sultany

Jamie Swick

James Thompson

Keahi Tomas

Austin Tomlinson

Heather Tovar

Jim Towell

Dee Tullis

Jon Tullis

Lora Van Nortwick

Dick Vander Schaaf

Steve Warner

Kim Warsheski

Nancy Weil

Krickett Wertz

Hunter Williams

Michael Wing

Carter Woika

Pat Wollner

Charlie Zennache

Dave Zunkel

Kathleen Zunkel


      • Volunteers tackle invasive blackberries at NCLC’s Thompson Creek-Stanley Marsh Habitat Reserve in Seaside. 
      • NCLC volunteers join stewardship staff to remove scotch broom at the Surf Pines Prairie Habitat Reserve.
      • During the 2022 season, NCLC’s Weed Warriors contributed 393 volunteer hours; did restoration work at 11 different properties; and targeted seven different invasive plant species: Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry, Cutleaf blackberry, policeman’s helmet, purple loosestrife, and parrot’s feather.