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Thank You to Our Family of Supporters

At North Coast Land Conservancy, the donations we receive are as unique as our donors themselves. We are grateful for each and every one of them! The names of all these dedicated donors are listed below.

2022 donors with † after their name are Sustaining Stewards; they support NCLC with automatic recurring donations. Those with  after their name gave one or more in-kind gifts in addition to cash. 


  • David Paul (from left), Karl Anuta, and David McDonald celebrate Karl’s 60th birthday. The longtime friends have established an annual tradition of meeting for lunch to enjoy good food, catch up on life, and decide what causes and organizations they want to support that year.
  • Eamon Happy with his parents, Tom and Jane. The young teenager, who lives with his family in Eugene, has a heart for conservation. He not only made a donation to NCLC’s Rainforest Reserve campaign with some of his own savings, but also encouraged his parents and grandparents to make donations as well.
  • Ryan Blum and Britta Herwig, of Astoria, were looking for ways to get involved in the community when they moved to the northern Oregon Coast in 2021. One of the ways they chose was supporting NCLC. “Because we cherish this part of the world, we wanted to find an organization that shares those values and does something about it,” Ryan says.

Anonymous (13)
Chris and Ginny Achterman
Cheryl Adamscheck
Ken Adee
Elizabeth Ahlstrom
Susan Akeson
Steve Akeson and Chris Knowlton
Pamela and James Alegria
Tammy Alkire †
John and Lisa Allen †
Catherine Al-Meten †
Diane and Rex Amos
Rex and Nancy Anderson
Virginia Anderson
Bill and Susan Anderson
Tom and Shauna Anderson
Chris Anderson and Heather Newman
David and Lyn Anderson
Richard Andler and Carole Rush
Roberta Ando
Karl Anuta
Paul and Sandy Arbuthnot
David and Kathy Astle
Bob and Deb Atiyeh
Judith and Ernest Atkinson
Ray and Jean Auel
Charles and Phyllis Ault
Kathryn Aya
Betsy Ayres † ‡
Tom and Barbara Ayres
Richard and Beth Ayres
Manfred Baetscher and Susan Goelz
David Bailey †
Vicki Baker and Jan Faber
Joslyn Baker †
Lynn Baker and Eve Lonnquist
Joe Balden
Linda Bamford
Jane Barber †
Sarah Jane Bardy
RuthAnn Barnes
William Barnett †
Ethan and Wendy Barrow
Rainmar Bartl and Barbara Grant
Dan and Susan Bartlett
Gregg and Sabrina Barton
Morgan Bates
Dick and Sue Baty
John and Joanne Bauer
Lori and Todd Bauman
June Baumler
Mark Beach
Doris Beck
Karen and Alan Beck
Mary Becker
Spencer Beebe
Jackie and Norman Beerger
Stewart Bell and Lis Stubberfield
Thomas Bell and Janeen Phillips
Peter and Susan Belluschi
Morgan Bender-deMoll
Stacy and Mike Benefield
Bill and Nancy Bennetts
Paul Benoit and Connie Clifford
Jim and Angela Benton
Robert and Cynthia Beraud
Jack and Kelly Berka
Phyllis and Joseph Bernt
Nancy Berry
Richard and Leslie Bertellotti
Lisa Bertin †
Kate Besse
Richard Beveridge
Jeanne Bevis and Stuart Sandler
Ken and Linda Bierly
Deborah Bigelow
David and Leanne Bilstrom
Clark Binkley and Gail Neuburg
Marilynn Blacketer and Steve Warner † ‡
Margaret Blake
Barbara Blakesley
Stan and Judy Blauer
Ronald Bline
Dianne and John Bloom
Katherine Blue
Robert and Barbara Blue
Ryan Blum and Britta Herwig ‡
Elizabeth and John Bokish
Scott Borg and Terry Gautesen-Borg
Robert and Sharon Borgford
Christ and Barbara Bouneff
Joanne Bowyer
Tracy and Melody Boyce
Jane and Frank Boyden
Lynne and Peter Boyle
Gerald and Sheryl Branch
Barbara Branowitzer
Barbara and Lonnie Branstetter
Jennifer Braun †
Dan and Brenda Braun
Betsy Bredau
Chris Breitmeyer
Stephen Brier and Barbara Scott-Brier
Spencer Brinson
Chet and Marie Britten
William Britton and Janet Stinson
Ashley Bromberg †
Anton and Elizabeth Broms
Lois and Ben Bronfman
Elizabeth Brooke
Dennis Brophy and Cathy Gwinn
Linda Brown
Krista Brown
Dorothy Brown
Hunter and Liz Brown
Laura Brown
Kevin and Marla Brownlee
Mike and Jane Brumfield †
Diane and David Buck
Lynn and Bruce Buckmaster
Elizabeth and Sarah Bunce
Marsha and Richard Buono
Michael Burger
Erin and John Burke
Don and Gwen Burtch
James Byrne †
Kathleen Callan and Thomas O’Brien
Matthew and Andrea Cameron
Barbara Campbell †
Steve and Lynda Campbell
Bill and JoAnn Canessa
Laurie Caplan †
Anne Carpenter and Sean Fitzpatrick
Niall Carroll and Donna Reeves †
Bob and Clare Carson
Ben and Susan Carter
Theodore Cary
Steve and Sarah Case
Ed and Joanne Casey
Jack and Jane Casey
Bruce Casler and Nancy Hoffman
Rose Ann Cattolico
Lisa Cerveny and David Russell † ‡
Ken and Jeanne Chamberlain
Scott and Jean Chamberlin
Nancy Chase
Marcia Chatalas
Maranda and Stuart Chestler
Elizabeth Chevalier
Phil and Julie Chick
Watt and Jennifer Childress
Tom Christ and Mary Kyle McCurdy
Molly Christ †
Wesley and Sharon Christenson
Susan Christiansen
Louise Christianson
Rick Christman
Ted Chu
David Chui and Alex Stone
Nancy Church
Patricia and John Ciminello
Sally Clark and Liz Ford
Bob Clay and Susan Marmaduke †
Janice Cleary
Valerie and Daniel Close
Bruce Clow
James Coduto and Sheryl Southwell
Sue Cody
Frantz and Laurie Coe
Diana Cohen
Mary Cole
Tom and Victoria Cole
Judy Coleman †
Rick and Jean Collins
Jane Comerford and Joan Campf
Carole and Pat Connell
Linda and Michael Cook
Chad Cook
Pat and Rick Corkill †
Ross and JoAnn Cornelius
Joanne Cornelius and David Cleland
Dr. John Cover
John and Page Cowles
Denielle and Blain Cowley
Wade and Irene Coykendall
Debbie and Dave Craig
Joanne Cremer
JoAnn Critelli †
Pamela and Duane Crone
Anja Curiskis †
Merry Curtis
Nancy Jane and Don Cushing
Paul Dage and Debra Meadow
Heather Dale
Bailey D’Alessio
Jean Danforth
Dawn Dauble
Robert and Mollie Davidson
Corey Davis and Meadow Ayres Davis †
Celia Davis †
Bill De Jager and Sheila Nolan
Bruce and April DeBolt
Christina and Mark Deffebach
Frederic and Nancy Delbrueck
Teresa DeLorenzo †
Lane deMoll
Nancy Derrah
Terri Desaro and Craig Nern
Susan Deshon
Ted and Ruth Deur
Susan and Thom Dickerson †
Diane and Frank Dieni
Jan Diller
Joe Dixon and Jennie Dunn-Dixon
Anne and Ed Dobson
Rose Doherty
Colleen Dohrn
Connie Doll
Margaret and Steve Doman
William Donnelly
Catherine Donofrio
Laura Doolittle and Mark Gibson †
Merce Dostale and Michael Tarachow
Gordon and Leila Drew
David Drummond and Nancy Doty Drummond
John Dube
John and Stephanie Dudley †
Barbara Dudley
Ann Dudley
Tamera Duke
Sandy Duncan
Patrick Dwyer
Linda and Bill Dygert
Beth Eby and Pat Harrison
Molly Edison
Eileen Edwards
Barbara Edwardson
Susan Edy and Kerry Smith
Jon and Jennifer Eenigenburg †
Michael Ehlen
David and Lisa Ellenberg
Jo Ellingson †
Janet Elliott and Duncan Brown
Jeanne Ellis
Judith and Cristin Ellis
Lee Emery
Lynn Epstein
John and Tara Erben
Jane and Alan Erdahl
Frank Erickson and Laura Gordon
Emily Ericsen and Richard Martens
Kathryn and James Eustrom
Debbie Falls
Chris and Lynne Farrar
Rich Fathy and Joan Burke
Rob and Kathy Felder
Patte Fenderson and Bob Svec
Adam and Erica Fenderson
Allen and Jan Fenton
Georgenne Ferdun
Debra Vanasse Ferency
Bill Ferguson
Richard Fettig
Steve and Candy Fick
Dana Field
Amy Fields
Nina Fink and Nathan Bernstein
Mark and Jeanne Finkbeiner
Dick Finzer
Martin and Regan Fisher †
Patrick and Jean Fitzgerald
Mary Fleck
Yolanda and Bruce Fletcher
Ron and Molly Foerster
Timothy and Sandra Foley
Michael Forwood †
Jan and Geraldine Fouts
Ronald Fraback
Eileen and Erick Frack
Leslie France and Mike Bates
Dick and Khris Frank
Dorothy Franklin
Kathryn Frazier
Gary and Brenda Fugle
Jana Fussell and Karen Hightower
Ellen Gadsby
Ed and Mary Gallagher
Diane Gallagher-McVey †
Jane Garbisch-Myers
Bennett and Patricia Garner
Karen Gartland Murray and Steven Murray
Wendy Gartrell
Claire Gearen
Claire Gebben
Stan Geiger and Marilynn Stribling †
Karen and Nick Gelbard
Patrick and Julia George
Andra Georges and Tim Shepard
Daniel Georges
Daniel and Connie Gerth
Mark and Amy Gibbs
Richard Gibson and Carol Peterkort
Sam and Kate Giese †
Marilyn Gilbaugh
Bev Gilbertson
Robin Gill and Aaron Kyle †
Kathy Gillespie
Danielle Gillet
Grant Gilmore †
Scott Giltz and Janet Paulson
Jon Gimbel
Susan Glarum and Darrell Clukey
Marlene Gleason
Tamara Goesch
Martha Goetsch and Linda Besant
David and Katie Gold
Harold and Laurie Gold †
Bob Goldberg
Bill and Lyn Gordon
Chris and Nickie Gordon
Doug and Anthony Gordon
Doug Gorsline †
Gloria and David Gostnell
Priscilla Gould
Paul and Teri Graham
Ireta Graube
Valerie Gray
John and Margaret Green
Eleanor Green
Gary Greenberg
Toni and Chip Greening
Rick Gregory
Leah Griffith †
Kelsey and John Grout
Rhonda Guaraglia
Stephen Guerber
Tom Hackett

Lois Haggerty
James and AnnMarie Haldeman
Madeline Hall and Joe Fisher
Chip Hall
Jeanna Hall
Eric Halperin and Beatrice Michel
Nan Halperin
Dan and Dianne Hamilton
Patrick and Carmen Hammersmith
Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland
John and Elaine Hanby
Richard and Frances Hansen
Keli and Erik Hansen
Adena Hanson
Katharine and Goodwin Harding
Wendy Harding de Rham
Tom and Nancy Hardy
Bruce and Leslie Harrison
Tinker and Jackie Hatfield
Bettina Haugen
Isa Haverlan
Judy Hawkins
Don Hawley
Susan Hayden and John Beaston
Heidi Heidenreich
Kirk Heims †
George and Patricia Heiner
Patricia Heinlein
Chris and Debora Helmsworth
Randall and Jeanne Henderson † ‡
Darcy Henderson and Mike Urness
Bonnie Henderson and Charles Zennache †
Heather Henderson and Dave Donielson
Donna Henderson and Rich Sutliff
Nancy and John Herpers
Joe and Molly Herrle
Sara Heskett and Clay Hathorn
Tina Hess
Julia Hesse †
Michael and Judy Heumann
Pat and Cathy Hickey
Rob and Jenny Hickman
Henry Hieronimus
Brian and Cathy Higgins
Kathie and Greg Hightower
Craig Himmelwright and Adrianne Waite
Jacki Hinton and David Boone
Robert Hirsch
Shirley Hoem
Susan and Tom Holling
Nancy Holmes † ‡
Dave Holt and Karen Babbitt
Sherri Hood-Zava and David Zava
Tom and Kirsten Horning † ‡
David Horowitz and Gloria Myers
Michael and Abigail Hosken
Marcy and John Houle
Gregg and Janet Hughes
Devin Hughes †
Paul Hughes
Wallace Hummasti
Penelope Hummel and Derek deVille
Joyce Hunt †
Russel and Molly Hunter
Vince and Ann Huntington †
Richard Hurley †
Peter Hurley
Barbara and Ken Hurst
Lawrence Hussman
Nellie Hutchison
Amy Hutmacher and David Beugli
Bill and Ruth Hutmacher †
Bob and Kay Hutmacher
Jeri and Ivan Inger
McLaren Innes †
Harriet Jackson
Scott Jackson
James Jacobs
Pam and Allan Jacobson
Susie Jacobson
David and Maggie Jarman
Michael Jernigan
Laura and Ajitkumar Jetmalani
Martha John
Nathaniel Johnsen †
Julianne Johnson †
Ed Johnson
Daryl Johnson
Eric and Julie Johnson
Angela Johnson and Brenda Wierschin
Sarah Johnson
Jim Johnson
Christopher Johnson
Erik Johnson
Cory Johnson
Christopher Jones
Molly Jones
Judith and Wallace Jones
Janet and Stuart Jones
Lawrence Jordan
Tim Josi †
Ed Joyce and Ellen Greenfield
Nansie Jubitz †
Deborah Kamali and Kevan Shokat
Beth Kandoll and Randy Puseman
Barry and Carol Kast
Ron and Ruth Katon
Marianne Keddington-Lang and Bill Lang †
Grace Keigley
Mike Kennedy
David Kenney
Lisa and Bruce Kerr
Michael and Sue Kerschen
Jack and Mary Kerwin
Elizabeth Ketcham †
Suzanne Kindland and Jim Kingwell
Beverley and Robert Kindley
Gary and Diane King
Kathryn and David Kinman
Gary and Margaret Kirby
Dave Kirby †
Trudy and Greg Klefstad
Barbara Knop
Peter Koehler Jr. and Noel Hanlon
Nate Koenigsknecht and Anne Tattam †
Pauline Koenigsknecht
Martha Koester
Paul Konka
Kristin Koptiuch
Mary and Robert Kors
Nancy Kraemer
Kathleen and Michael Krall
Nancy and Bob Kroll † ‡
Greg and Susan Kromholtz
Carolina Kroon and Sandy Honda
Nancy and Don Kruger
Bill Kwitman and Monica Moriarty
Shelley Baker Kyle
Regina and Hobart Kytr
Margo Lalich †
Arline and Cliff LaMear
Betsey Lang
Milt and Helena Lankton
Charlene Larsen
Elizabeth Lattig †
Charles Le Guin
Dick Ledgerwood †
Hal Lee and Susan Bishop
Pat and Ken Lehman ‡
Phil Lehman and Judy Schmidt-Lehman
Elaine Leisten
Nick Lelack
Chris and Kirsten Leonard
Tammi Lesh and Lance Waldron †
Esther Lev
Joan Levers and David Manhart
Ketzel Levine †
Ruth Lewellen-Dix
Jocelyn and Lou Libby
Sara Libby †
Con Ann Ling
Sara and Aaron Liston
Roy and Bonnie Little
Ann Littlewood
Ed Lloyd
Edward Loeb
Michael Loftus and Julie Glasgow
Ron Logan †
Joanne and Michael Love
David and Evelyn Lowry
Kent and Judith Ludwigsen
Jennifer and Raymond Lund
Bob Lundy
Fred Lunki
Sharee Lyons
Douglas MacCourt and Claudia Powers
Rod and Margo MacDow
Andrea Mace
Lisa Macfarlane
Paula Madden
Patricia Madden
Mark and Debbie Madden
Neal Maine
Marianne Majors
Jean Malarkey
Lindsay Malone and Gabriel Deal
Philip and Deanna Mancill
Kathy Manske
Ron and Wendy Maple
Wilson and Jeanne Mark
James and Ella Markham
Craig Markham and Susan Aldrich-Markham
Vaughn Martin and Penny Abegglen-Martin †
Marcia Mason
Susan Mates
Hilliary and Charley Mathews
Jessica Matonovich
Jim Mattheis
Karen and Michael Matthews
Thomas and Martha Mattia
Chuck and Karen Mattocks
Dennis and Katy Mayer
Cheryl Maysels †
Jeffrey Mazer and Debra Vinikour
Nancy McCarthy
Polly and Thomas McCarthy
Leslie McClanahan
Marty and John McCullough †
Patricia McDonald
Elizabeth McDougall
Patrick McGinnis
Elliot and Marina McIntire
Robert McKee
Jeanie McLaughlin
John and Diana McLoughlin
Linda and Don McNeill
Sandy and Adam Meggitt
Mike Mercer
Briteney Mercer
Kate Merrell
Patricia Merrill †
Laura and Erich Merrill
Ray and Kathi Merritt
Peter and Susan Mersereau
Ronda Meuwissen
John and Maria Meyer †
Zach Michaelis
Isabella Michel and James Clark
Rosa and Hermann Michel
Reid and Galen Mickelsen
Jeff Miller and Casselle LaTourette
Matt and Mia Miller
Nancy Miller
Jay and Duff Minor
Colleen and Glenn Mitchell
Denise Mitchell
Robert and Kathy Moberg
Mike Moffett and Susie Edwards-Moffett
Melanie Moler
Diane Monico †
Nancy Monroe
Robert and Joy Moore
Elizabeth Moore Smith
Mike Morgan and Beth Holland
Margaret Morgan
Lief Morin
Anna and Chet Moritz
Janet Morlan
James Morrison
Jerry and Judy Morrow
Karen and James Morton
Gary Muehlberg
Deanna and Wilfried Mueller-Crispin
Elaine Murphy
Thomas and Merianne Myers †
Ashli Myers
Keith Neal
Terri and Randy Neal
Les Neitzel
Karen Nelson
Travis Neumann
Michael and Caroline Neunzert †
Linda Newberry and Rico Ruble
Liz Newhouse and Philip Broome
Jane Newhouse
Sara V. Newlands
Richard and Lisa Newlands
Carol Newman
Judy Newman
Jeanne Nordmark
Barbara Nordstrom
Ray and Carol North
Ted Norton and David Lacka
Walter and Karen Novak
Desmond and Jenny Nugent
Janet and John Nybakke
Kassia Nye †
Roger and Tobbi Oakes†
Maurie O’Dea †
Deborah O’Donnell
Linda Oldenkamp and David Pollard
Frank Olson
Allan and Madeline Olson
Stuart Orford
Lorraine Ortiz and Terry Fullan †
Ted and Wendy Osborn
Jerry Ostermiller and Lynne Johnson
Joe Otts
Gale and David Ousele
Eric Owen †
Tom Owen
Rose Owens
Deb and Alex Papadopoulos †
Mathew Pardes
Shelley and Dave Parker
Kathy Parker
Andrew and Melinda Paterson
Vianne Patterson † ‡
Stuart and Jollee Patterson
Robin Patterson
Jay and Penny Paulsen †
Kristen Peckinpah
Larry and Deanne Pelatt
Jim and Christine Pendergrass
Catriona Penfield and Jeremy Rust †
Janine Pennell
Josie Peper
Robert and Honey Perkel
Dick and Sharon Perkins
Shela Perrin
Elizabeth and Tim Petersen
Carolyn and Curt Peterson
Cathy Peterson and Richard Rudolph
Carol Pettigrew and Scott Harn
David and Cheryl Pfaff
Susan Phillips
Lori Phillips †
Susan Phillips and Dave Rumker
Lisa Phipps and Roby Lane †
Debbie and Dave Pickering
Carol Pierce
Martha and Stan Pine †
Steve Pinger and Katharine Sammons
David Plawman
Tim and Kathleen Poole
Annie Popkin and David Parker
Alvis Porter
Richard and Marilyn Portwood
Susan Potter †
Ken Potter and Mary Beth Cottle
Jacqui Powell
Cole Presthus

Carolyn Propst †
Marjorie Propst
Claire Puchy
Candy and Jim Puterbaugh
Ken Quarles
Steve Rae and Sherri Meshke
Todd Raglione
Carol Raitt
Brian and Tess Ratty
Timothy and Cindy Ray
Jacob and Judith Redekop
Bill and Madeleine Reed
Sunny Reiber
Melissa Reich ‡
Robin Reich
Peter and Loren Reich
Larry and Marilyn Reiling
Scott Rekate
Byron Rendar
Teresa Retzlaff and Packy Coleman
Phyllis Reynolds
Nancy Reynolds
Harold Riggan
Barbara Riggs
Mike and Carol Riley
Dylan and Allegra Riley
Neil and Marilynn Ringquist
John Rippey †
Barbara Rippey and Barry Marshall
Robin Risley
William Ritchie
Mark and Mary Roberts
Caralee and Fred Roberts
Roger Rocka and Jan Mitchell †
Joseph and Barbara Rodriguez
Jason Roehm
Mary Rogness
Louise Roman
Mary Romanaggi
Jill Romm and Lenny Gerson
Marilyn and Cleve Rooper
Charles Rosenfeld
Elden and Marjorie Rosenthal
Forrest and Nancy Rosser
Judy Roumpf
Elisa Rouse
Gretchen Rowe †
Martha Rowland
Morgan Rubanow
Daniel Ruda
Mary Ruhl
Linnea Ryan
Thomas and Wendy Ryan
Elaine Rybak
Gail and Roger Sabbadini
Ann and Robert Sacks
Catherine and Omar Sangueza
Jennifer Saunders
Tim Savinar
Justin and Clara Saydell and Rossi Lopez
Susan Scanlon
Christina Scarzello and Michael Hayakawa
Austin Schaefer and Amalija Laslo-Schaefer
Judy Schector †
Ed Schein
Tessa Scheller and Jann Luesse
Wayne Schlappi and Maria Moroney †
Conan Schleicher and Claudia Ingham
Hazel and Barry Schlesinger
Mark Schlesinger
Brand Schlesinger
Tyler Schlicting
Mary Schoessler
Maryjane Schram
Margy and Chuck Schroeder
Martin Schwartz and Marcia Freed
Nancy Schwickrath and Kelly Green
Tom and Joan Scoggins
Matthew Scotten †
Kathleen Scully †
Donna Scurlock
Diane Scurlock
Susan Sears
Tad Seder and Pam Andrews
Gary and Melinda Seelig
Dan and Kathy Seifer
Barbara and Robert Seipel
Virginia Selberg
Richard and Lisa Senders
Mike and Joan Shaughnessy
Judith and John Shaw †
Mary Sherman
Joe and Pam Sherman
Mimi Shin
Alex Sifford
Mary Cathleen and Dan Silver
Barbara and Kelan Silvester
Viviane Simon-Brown †
Les and Lynn Sinclair
Maryann and Steven Sinkler †
Rachel Slade and John Conboy
Jackson Slocum †
Marie Smith
Marjorie Smith
Carole Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Sid Snyder Jr. and Robin Powell
Diane and Michael Somers
Greg and Roselle Soriano
Alfredo Soto
Nancy Spaan
James and Pam Sparks
Jay and Diane Speakman
Susan Spring
Lynette and Richard Sproul
Gerald Sroufe and Maureen Dooley-Sroufe †
Peter Sroufe
Sally Stadelman
Cathy and Daniel Stearns
Ellen and Charles Stearns
Sharon Stern and Steve Rallison
Bill and Susi Stevens
Henry and Mardella Stevens
Jim and Laura Stewart †
Judith Stewart
Kathryn Stock and Deb Tinnin
Carole Stone
Darlene Story
Nicolai Stromvig
Lynne and Charles Stuart
Kerri Stubb
Judith Sugg and Anupam Narayan
Neva Suhadolnik
Michael Sullivan
Gary and Pam Sultany
Cecilia Surerus
Lace Svec
Andrew Swanson
Tamara Swearingen
Geraldine and Bob Swenson
Sea Ranch Resort, Inc.
Kathleen Swihart
J.P. Szambelan
Marie and Russell Taber
Russ and Nancy Taggard
Taylor Talmage
Harrison Tao and Margaret McCook
Shelly Taranoff
William and Sara Tattam
Joan Taylor
Ann and Dave Taylor
Don and Jacque Taylor †
Leslie Taylor and Doug Beers
Karin Temple
Doug and Marlene Tharp
Donald Theiler
Mike Theobald and Lyn Frisch
Ernie and Cookie Theriot †
James Thompson
Lianne Thompson and Ralph Wyatt
Lu and Eric Thompson
Chris and Heather Thompson
Jacki Thompson
Mary Lou Tierney
Benell and Ilene Tindall
Jennifer Tisa and Stan Spavold
Marianne Tobin
Susan Tone and Phil Blanton
Rebecca Tonkin
Jim Towell
Don and Cindy Trelstad †
Virginia Trethewey
Marie Tripp and Wayne Goss
Lorri Trucke
Jon Tullis and Deirdre Higgins-Tullis
Gary Turel
Debbie Twombly and Larry Moore
Craig Tylenda
Rachel Ulrich
Steve Urman
Martha Urman
Bill and Julie Valach
James Valade
Evans Van Buren
David and Kathleen Van Buskirk
Pieter Van Dyke and Jan Goodman
Eric and Martha Van Dyke
George and Carla Van Hoomisen
Loris Van Pelt and Dennis Alexander
Monica Van Steenberg †
Nicole VanDerHeyden
Sally and Mike Vanebo
Al Vernon
Sara Vickerman-Gage and Jeff Gage ‡
Laura Vidic
Alberta Vieira
Susan and Paul Vitello
John and Jeanie Voelke
Katie Voelke and Scott Kirby †
Marilyn Voelke and Kelly Monaghan
Constance Waisanen
Marti Wajc
Karin and Peter Walczak
Coral Mirth Walker and Bradley Coffey
Robin Gay Walker
CoralSage Walker-Dale and Dan Kayon
Craig and Sandra Wallace
Susan Walsh and Claudia Johnson
John and Mary Walter
Linda Ward
Robert and Liz Warren
Robert and Jean Wayne
George Webb
Robert and Vivian Weber
Nancy and Jeff Weil
Julia Weinberg
Marvin and Patricia Welch
Darron and Stephanie Welch
Maureen Welch
Karen Weliky
Pat Welle and Timothy Mattson
Patty and Burt Went
Helen Westbrook
Pamela Wev
Ken and Jen Whaler †
Sheila and Rich Wheelen
Fred and Martha White †
Nancy and Gordon Whitehead
John Whittlesey and Peggy Anet
Don and Stephanie Wickersham
Nina Wickersham
Robert and Dianne Widdop †
Jon Wiener and Julie Grandfield
Jan Wieting and Brand Dichter
Vincent Wilcke †
Jean Williams
John and Kathy Willis
Debbie and Tom Wilson
Karen Wilson
Laura Wilson †
Alison and Dan Winslow
Jock and Beth Wise
Sara and Craig Wisti
Jay Withgott and Susan Masta
Jill and Stephen Wolfe
Michele and Richard Wollert
Doug and Judy Wood
Bernard and Christina Wood
Peter Woodring
Katie and Troy Woodruff
Sharon Woodward
Gail Woolf
Steve and Patty Wright
Linda Wysong
Elaine and John Young
Larry and Janice Zagata
James and Faye Zajicek
Michael and Lorna Zametkin
Marcia and Kenneth Zegar
Larry and Carol Zetterberg
Dave and Kathleen Zunkel ‡


Arch Cape Escape †
Barn Picnic 2022 Wine Pull
Borkan Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
Cannon Beach Book Company †
Cannon Beach Library
Clean-Sweep Maintenance, Inc.
Cleaves and Mae Rhea Foundation
Coaster Construction, LLC
Fairweather House & Gallery, LLC
Fred Meyer Community Rewards
Friends of Haystack Rock
Give Lively Foundation Inc.
Heritage Research Associates, Inc.
Icefire Glassworks
June Foundation
JW & HM Goodman Family Foundation
Kelley Fox Wines
Levers-Manhart Charitable Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Lum’s Auto Center
Nicolle Landwehr, CFP
Northrup Corporation
Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund of ODFW
Patricia Friedland Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Pledgeling Foundation
Reese Family Charitable Foundation
Seaside Aquarium & Gift Shop
Seelig Family Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Short Wave Astoria, LLC
Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters †
SR Lodging, LLC
Sunset Vacation Rentals
Teevin Bros. Land & Timber Co.
Terran Travels
The City of Cannon Beach
The City of Gearhart
The City of Seaside
The Jeffrey Hull Gallery
Three Treasures Acupuncture †
Tote ‘N Stow, Inc.
Visit Tillamook Coast 

Gordon Allen and Janice Stewart
Warren and Robin Anderson ‡
Karla Arria-Devoe and Maurice Menares
Eugene and Layton Borkan ‡
Jean Cameron
Jane Gillis †
Doug and Kathie Green
Michael Henningsen
Nancy Hopp
Karen Hoyt
Patricia Johns † ‡
Michael Johnson †
Steve and Marilyn Kohler
Alice Lane
Dan Luoma and Joyce Eberhart
Carter and Jenny MacNichol
John and Deb Mersereau † ‡
Ann Morgan
Jeffrey Roehm † ‡
Ryan and Stephanie Snyder
Judy Sorrel
Michael and Judith Tembreull
Pat Wollner † ‡


Adrift Hospitality ‡
Dawkins Charitable Trust
Dragonfire Studio and Gallery
Gaylord-Eyerman Family Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Greenfield/Hartline Habitat Conservation Fund of The Nature Conservancy
Jeffrey C. Kozlowski Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Lamb Family Foundation
Land Trust Alliance
Leupold and Stevens Foundation
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
McGraw Family Foundation, Inc.
Mintkeski Family Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Ned & Sis Hayes Family Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Ocean Conservation Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
Ronald E. and Ivy L. Timpe Century Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Roundhouse Foundation
Sassenach Mischling Fund
Schlesinger Family Foundation
SN Charitable Foundation
Solares Family Fund of Oregon Community Foundation
Tareen Filgas Foundation
Unfurl Manzanita

Nancie McGraw
Terry and Cathy Graff
Sue Gabriel
Brenda Freshman

The Healy Foundation
Oregon Community Foundation

Shalline and Chuck Chism
Peter Hayes
Dale and Linda Perkins
William Rutherford and Joan Lamb
Gayle and David Seely
Scott and Diane Vernon


Astoria Co-op
Beach Books
Brut Wine Bar, LLC
Columbia River Coffee Roaster, Inc.
Cove Built, LLC
Events NW
Fresh Foods Cannon Beach
Gearhart Fire Department
Grizzlies Brand
Hallmark Resort & Spa
Hamilton Market
North Coast Watershed Association
Oregon Parks & Recreation Department
PacificLight Images
Peter Pan Market & Deli
Sea Level Bakery & Coffee, LLC
Seaside Coffee House
Seaside Lodging, LLC
Street 14 Cafe
The Roost
The Seashore Inn
The Wine & Beer Haus
The Wine Shack
US Foods Chef’Store
White’s Heating and Sheet Metal

The following individuals and organizations were honored with one or more gifts in their name in 2022.

Bill & Susan Anderson
Dick & Sharon Perkins

Janet Anderson
Kelley Fox

Betsy Ayres
Pieter Van Dyke & Jan Goodman
Barbara Temple Ayres
Coral Mirth Walker & Bradley Coffey

Elke & Eric Billingsley
Ben and Susan Carter

Margaret Blake
Judy Roumpf, Jerry & Chad Powell

Borg Family
Scott Borg & Terry Gautesen-Borg

Scott Borg
Valerie Gray

Layton Borkan
Ivan & Jeri Inger
Barry & Carol Kast

Elly Branch
Jerry & Sheryl Branch

Jerry & Sherly Branch
Elly Branch

Caitlin Burke
Erin & John Burke

David Butler
Caralee Roberts

Bradley Coffey
Heather Dale
Robin Gay Walker

Joanne Cornelius & David Cleland
James Valade

John Conboy
Rachel Slade

Deur Family
Ted & Ruth Deur

Margie Dickinson
Wendy & Thomas Ryan

Kristina Doman Casiano
Margaret & Steve Doman

Dube Family
John Dube

Sam Farrar
Chris & Lynne Farrar

Debbie & Mark Fortier
Jacqui Powell

Richard & Dolly Gartmann
Andrea Mace

Betty & Michael Gearen
Claire Gearen

Bill & Lyn Gordon
Chris Gordon

Eric Halperin
Isabella Michel & James Clark
Rosa & Hermann Michel

Eric Halperin & Bebe Michel
Nan Halperin

Randall & Jeanne Henderson
Chet & Marie Britten

Richard & Penny Hook
Katharine & Goody Harding 

Richard Horn & Dorothy Teepe Horn
Margaret & Steve Doman

Kit Ketcham
Patrick & Jean Fitzgerald

Sally Kneuven
Andrea Mace

Nate Koenigsknecht & Anne Tattam
Pauline Koenigsknecht

Sally Lackaff
Darlene Story

Ken & Pat Lehman
Phil & Judith Lehman
Henry & Mardella Stevens

Rochelle & Jay Leisner
Andrea Mace

Neal Maine
Dick & Khris Frank
Jeanie McLaughlin
Bruce & Leslie Harrison

Alison McKinley
Eileen Edwards

Mike Mercer
Briteney Mercer

John Mersereau
Greg & Roselle Soriano

Miles – Taylor Family
Wendy Miles

Hugh Morrison
James Morrison

Andrew Olcott & Lisa Kirschman
Andrea Mace

Lorraine Ortiz
Vicki Baker & Jan Faber
Nick & Karen Gelbard
Dave & Kathleen Zunkel

Mike, Teresa & Michelle Patterson
Robin Patterson

Vianne Patterson
Stuart & Jollee Patterson

Dick, Sharon & Chika Perkins
Bill & Susan Anderson

Victoria Kacouros Perkins
Dick & Sharon Perkins

Claire Pinger
Steve Pinger

Melissa Reich
Cecilia Surerus
Robin Reich

Angie & John Reseland
Andrea & Norma Mace

Jeff Roehm
Jason Roehm

Justin & Tara Smith
Andrea Mace

Smith Family
Joanne Cornelius

Tarik Soulami
Andrea Mace

Rich L.T. Sproul
Richard & Lynette Sproul

Adreama Sroufe
Gerald Sroufe & Maureen Dooley-Sroufe

Evan Urman
Martha Urman

Steve Urman
Jill Romm & Lenny Gerson

Lynette Villagomez
Eric & Lu Thompson

Katie Voelke
Dick & Khris Frank
Darlene Story
Marilyn Voelke

Coral Mirth Walker and Bradley Coffey
CoralSage Walker-Dale and Dan Kayon

Sandy Ward
Linda Ward

The following individuals were remembered with one or more gifts in their name in 2022.

Susan Adkison
John & Stephanie Dudley

Frank Anderson
Jay & Penny Paulsen

George Atcheson
Lorraine Ortiz & Terry Fullan

Paul V. Bamford
Linda Bamford

Will Benefield
Betsy Ayres

Stuart Berry
Nancy Berry

Scott Beugli
Jeanne & Randall Henderson
Amy Hutmacher & David Beugli

Gerel Blauer
Betsy Ayres

Jane Borg
Valerie Gray

Cathrine S. Boyce
Tracy & Melody Boyce

Marianne Buchwalter
Charles Rosenfeld

William Cannon
Catherine Al-Meten

John George Chatalas
Kathryn Aya
Barbara Branowitzer
Marcia Chatalas
Elizabeth Chevalier
Con Ann Ling & The Mehlings

Bud Clark
Betsy Ayres

Bob & Betty Cody
Sue Cody

Alvia “Pete” Coleman
Kathleen & Michael Krall

Zeke Crowder
Carol Pettigrew & Scott Harn

Dean Crumpacker
Paula Madden

Diane Davies
Diane Somers

Gabriel Desautel
Margo Lalich

Richard Donofrio
Cathy Donofrio
John & Deb Mersereau

John Duncan
Sandy Duncan

Susan Emery
Lee Emery

Gwendolyn Endicott
Lorraine Ortiz

Pam Fisher
Patrick Dwyer

Jim Foster
David & Kathryn Kinman

Sue Gabriel
Jean Cameron
Pat Johns
Wendy Harding de Rham
Gordon & Nancy Whitehead

Joan Gamble
Patricia Madden

Donald B. Gartland
Karen Gartland Murray

Gary Georgeson
Margaret Blake

Henry Gernert
Lorraine Ortiz

David Gillis
Forrest & Carol Zetterberg

Nicole Gostnell
Gloria and David Gostnell

Jeanne Cockrum Grant
Martha Koester

Matthew Guderian
Adam Fenderson
Patte Fenderson & Bob Svec
Lace Svec

Nancy Guth
Jeanne & Randall Henderson

David Hanks
Lorraine Ortiz & Terry Fullan

Kurt Hanneman
Jerry & Sheryl Branch

Linda Hansen
Jay & Penny Paulsen

Jennifer Harrison
Betsy Ayres

Matthew Henningsen
Michael Henningsen

Jack Himmelwright
Craig Himmelwright

Mckenzie Hull
Betsy Ayres
Carol & Jeff Hull
John and Deb Mersereau

Samuel and Marjorie Hyslop
Marjorie Propst

Lois Irwin
Judy Sorrel

Tony Johnson
Joan Campf
Jane Comerford
Jackie Hinton & Dave Boone
Dave Holt & Karen Babbitt
Marianne Majors
Ann Morgan
Lorraine Ortiz
Richard & Marilyn Portwood
Mimi Shin
Michael Sullivan
Conan Schleicher & Claudia Ingham

Jim Ronald Jorgensen
Kathleen Swihart

Raymond Jubitz
Craig & Sandra Wallace

Mary Vaught Kline
Jack & Kathleen Manske

Will Koenitzer
Madeline Hall & Joe Fisher

Francis Butler Koesling
Lorraine Ortiz

Karl Konka
Paul Konka

Rick Krahn
Scott Rekate

Brownie Lalich
Margo Lalich

Millard & Lorene Ledgerwood
Dick Ledgerwood

Ursula K. Le Guin
Charles Le Guin

Elizabeth Parker Lee
Harold Lee

Marjorie Lippert
Marcia & Kenneth Zegar

Helen Lukowicz
Diane Somers

Sandi Lundy
Bob & Deb Atiyeh
Betsy Ayres
Stacy & Mike Benefield
Phyllis & Joe Bernt
Cannon Beach Library
Diana Cohen
Bailey D’Alessio & The EverCommerce CES Team
Rose Doherty
Gordon & Leila Drew
Khris & Dick Frank
Friends of Haystack Rock
Susan Glarum & Darrell Clukey
Carolina Kroon & Sandy Honda
Mike Morgan & Beth Holland
Bob Lundy
Elliot & Marina McIntire
John & Deb Mersereau
Robin Risley
Carole Ann Stone
Marianne Tobin
Coral Mirth Walker & Bradley Coffey
Les Sinclair

Stubby Lyons
Sharee Lyons

Margaret Olson
Frank Olson

Julie Owens
Kathryn Aya

Karen Maine
Neal Maine

Barbara & George Mattlin Sr.
Diane Somers

George J. Mattlin
Diane Somers

Robert Lewis McClanahan
Leslie McClanahan

Colleen Green McKee
Robert McKee

Nancie McGraw
The Gadsby Family
Michael & Sue Kerschen
Hal Lee & Susan Bishop
David & Maggie Jarman
Ed Loeb
Patricia Madden
Timothy & Cindy Ray
Bill & Suzi Stevens

Rol Mersereau
Peter & Susan Mersereau

Tony Midson
Judy Sorrel

Rodney Lynn Moore
Robert & Joy Moore

Irene & Paul Morrill
Diane Somers

Barbara Morris
Stephen & Jan Katz

Stephen Murdock
Michael Loftus & Julie Glasgow

Austin & Louise Myers
Frank Olson

Ernestine E. Neitzel
Les Neitzel

Herbert L. Neitzel
Les Neitzel

Orville & Jean Nilsen
Kathryn Aya

Perry H. Nordmark
Jeanne Nordmark

John Patterson
Stuart & Jollee Patterson

Jeff Phillips, DMD
Lori Phillips

Ron Phillips
Susan Phillips

Mike Pierce
Carol Pierce

Fern Plush
Jan & Steve Katz

Bob & Dot Prier
Jim & Marie Taber

Kirsten Ray
Patte Fenderson & Bob Svec
Jeanne & Randall Henderson
Pat Johns
Neal Maine
Melissa Reich
Teresa Retzlaff & Packy Coleman
Pat Wollner

Janice & John Retzke
Diane Somers

Ron Schiffman
Mike Ehlen

Betty & Phil Smaglik
Diane Somers

Tamara J. Smith
Jerry & Sheryl Branch

Beau Sorrel
Judy Sorrel

Lorene Stack
Diane Buck

Gordon Story
Darlene Story

Tom L. Sumter
Matthew & Andrea Cameron

Keith B. Surerus
Cecilia Surerus

Michael, Bryon & Bradford Sweet
Joanne Cornelius

Terry Swigart
Carmen Swigart

Len Talmadge
Stephen & Jan Katz

Roger Truax
Jeffrey Roehm

Rumi Tsuda
Daniel Georges

Sherry Vachio
Lorraine Ortiz & Terry Fullan

John Van Buren
Evans Van Buren

Don Velder
Darlene Story

Al Vernon
Marilynn Blacketer & Steve Warner
Steve & Lynda Campbell
Jeanne and Randall Henderson
Tom & Kristen Horning
Michael & Joanne Love
Neal Maine
John Mersereau
Larry & Deanne Pelatt
Mary A Romanaggi
Doug and Marlene Tharp

Carol Vernon
Al Vernon

Daniel Villagomez
Jeanne & Randall Henderson
Pat Johns
Pat Wollner

Carl Voldman
Stephen & Jan Katz

Muriel Walker
Gay Walker

Ted Wessinger
Susan Bishop & Hal Lee

Dana Williams
Lorraine Ortiz & Terry Fullan

John A. Woodward
Sharon Woodward

Kathleen Forsythe Wysong
Linda Wysong