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CARING FOR THE LAND: Butte Creek Habitat Reserve


NCLC, Partners and Neighbors Rally Together to Replace Bridge at Butte Creek Habitat Reserve

In an effort to improve safety and fish habitat, North Coast Land Conservancy worked with local partners and neighbors to replace a bridge over Butte Creek in October 2022. The bridge—located on NCLC’s Butte Creek Habitat Reserve in Tillamook County—was more than 50 years old and showing signs of significant wear. Additionally, the old bridge rested on pilings that had been placed directly into parts of the Butte Creek, which was constricting the channel width and negatively impacting fish passage.

NCLC began looking for grant funding to help with the cost of the bridge replacement and reached out to the Nestucca, Neskowin & Sand Lake Watersheds Council, who procured a grant of approximately $82,000 from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to install a new, longer bridge that spans a more natural channel width. In a collaborative spirit, neighbors of the reserve then pitched in donations for the remaining $10,000 to cover the total cost of the project. MORE


  • The new bridge at Butte Creek Habitat Reserve was installed Oct. 27. It spans a more natural channel width, accommodating higher flows in winter without impacting fish passage.
  • The old bridge at Butte Creek Habitat Reserve was more than 50 years old. Sue Gabriel, who donated two of the original parcels comprising the Butte Creek Habitat Reserve and served as a Site Steward, referred to it as “Scary Bridge.”